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English Forum - What many Brits think about the European Union...

twisted - 16 Wrzesień 2011, 17:59
Temat postu: What many Brits think about the European Union...
I know that people don't like politics (or any other 'serious' topics) here, but I think it's sometimes good to get a different perspective and see that not every nation is so 'hurrah-optimistic' about the EU as ours. I believe that it is especially important in the light of the recent swelling crisis of the eurozone.

Please, enjoy the video from the link provided below:


From my experience with Brits, this isn't just one guy's opinion, no, it is the view shared by many Britons, who may be in favour of united Europe, though not necessarily of this strange undemocratic entity we have at the moment.

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