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Strange Noises around the world
Autor Wiadomość

Wiek: 30
Dołączył: 21 Kwi 2010
Posty: 404
Skąd: Bydgoszcz
Wysłany: 25 Marzec 2012, 18:32   Strange Noises around the world

Have you heard the story about those noises? What do you think about it? :P
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Pomógł: 1 raz
Wiek: 32
Dołączył: 05 Sty 2012
Posty: 259
Skąd: A może Wrocław
Wysłany: 25 Marzec 2012, 18:46   

well, what do i think?

here's what i think ^___^

we're doomed :552: :552: :552: :554: :553: :553: :553:

Run, hide or die :553:
Your life is your garden, your thoughts are the seeds.
If your life isn't awesome, you've been watering the weeds.

Pomógł: 2 razy
Wiek: 34
Dołączył: 10 Sie 2007
Posty: 2892
Skąd: Świdnik / Lublin
Wysłany: 25 Marzec 2012, 22:45   

Still haven't heard any ;) . But it's intriguing... If those noises will become more common, maybe I'll have the chance to hear them.
Politics - a sophisticated art of offending other people using the most POLITE ways possible

Pomógł: 3 razy
Wiek: 35
Dołączył: 15 Sie 2011
Posty: 595
Skąd: Toruń
Wysłany: 26 Marzec 2012, 21:44   

explanation of this sound 3:55
"orperhaps advrtisising through holo-sonic technology."
Fotograf Amator KLIKNIJ

Wiek: 30
Dołączył: 21 Kwi 2010
Posty: 404
Skąd: Bydgoszcz
Wysłany: 26 Marzec 2012, 22:25   

OK, but it isn't an actual explanation, only a mere suggestion...

Only a huge corporation could afford doing something like that worldwide and if they indeed tried to, they would need a special permission from respective govenments and local authorities.
Also, these sounds have been supposedly noticed in various regions of the world for several months now, which of course in intself doesn't mean that this is not some original form of advertisement, however it would be strange for any company to prolong their campaign without actually revealing itself for such a long period.

In other words: so far, there is no valid explanation of this phenomenom.
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