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Warszawa - [WS] Spotkanie fotograficzne z modelkami (ang) 10.06

Marti - 14 Maj 2018, 11:24
Temat postu: [WS] Spotkanie fotograficzne z modelkami (ang) 10.06
WS organizują jakiś event 10-tego czerwca wraz z modelkami. Wstęp jest darmowy, komunikatywny angielski wymagany. Za pewnie wpadnę do nich potrzymać blendę, sam im proponowałem by zorganizowali coś takiego.

We welcome everybody! Males, Females, children, animals, couples and more. The aim of this event is to give amateur photographers the opportunity to shoot a range of different subjects. The benefits for you is that you get a free photo shoot. We kindly ask the photographers to send their pictures to you directly or submit their favorites of the day to Warsaw Social to be posted on our Facebook page.

For Photographers:

Here at Warsaw Social we are passionate about Photography and we understand that it can be difficult to find volunteers outside of your circle of friends to take pictures of and we hope to solve that problem. We will invite a wide range of people who will want to be photographed.


– This event is for fun and to practice our skills as models and as photographers. You can not ask people to pay for your pictures.
– No nudity or overly sexual content. This is a public space so just use your common sense.
– Ask permission before taking pictures.

Location: Grzybowski 3/5

The is a large public square outside the All Saints Church which has water, steps, benches and more.

How much does this event cost?

This event is free to join and does not have any entry cost for photographers or models

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